Thickness 0.05 B/C/CC/D Curl Handmade Soft Natural Eyelash Extensions Individual Lashes Tray (12 Lines)

$5.99 USD $14.99
Proveedor eHair Outlet

  • SOFT and LIGHTWEIGHT : Our Individual lashes are made of premium A-class silk material and 100% handmade from our factory. Eyelashes are as soft and light as our own eyelashes. Comfortable wear.
  • EASY TO USE : The lashes are removable easily from the strips and the strips can be picked from the basis easily as well. Eyelash Extension Supplies for Salon and professional Lash Artist, the huge time saver.
  • NATURAL LOOK : Our eyelash extensions are virtually weightless and curved to replicate a natural eyelash for a truly natural look. No one will even know you have eyelashes extension - Those long, luxurious eyelashes are your little secret.
  • STABLE CURL : B, C, CC & D curl eyelash extensions look like permed to create an attractive and natural look. The Curl can last for a long time and there is obviously waterproof.